Are you preparing for your research paper or a dissertation on a famous personality or a well known figure is common in assessments for subjects like history, literature or language. В As the name itself indicates, a biography essay is the life story of a person. It consists of an outline of a persons life, accomplishments and events in life, impact and influence on society, peers and contemporaries, family history and information etc. It may be a good idea to read up about a few famous people in every field like arts, sciences, music, theater, movies, politics etc. This will help you to be prepared in case youre asked to write an essay on any prominent personality of your choice. You can also read some good essay samples to get a feel of the construction of the essay.

Begin your essay with an interesting fact about the subject. Normal opening statements like В«XYZ was born in the year 1922 on the day xВ» is likely to be very uninteresting and dull. Your evaluator probably has some hundreds of essays to read, and you must make the opening or the thesis statement captivating enough to hold his attention. Adding an interesting snippet like a teaser or a one-liner with a curious question relating to the subject will probably set the tone and grab the attention of the reader.

Moving on to the body of the essay, make sure to include relevant information about the subject. If the person is famous for an invention that he made or for a book that he wrote, ensure that you write as much as possible about those aspects. Writing about the subjects romantic escapades may sound fascinating, but may be totally irrelevant. Think of reasons why the subject was famous and what efforts he took to reach this fame. Include details about early childhood if they were remarkable.

For instance, lets suppose the person youre writing about lived in stark poverty during childhood, but went on to become a multi millionaire. Readers would be extremely interested in knowing how this progress happened and the major attributes to his success. If this is relegated to the background, and there is more information on how many unsuccessful weddings the person had after he became a millionaire, that may not be the most effective usage of the biography essay space. Include details of important dates in the persons life, but take care not to include so many that it gets monotonous and dry.

Summarizing the most salient points of the subjects life and highlighting the impact he had/has on society or civilization is the right way to end the biography essay. Try to cite all your sources somewhere in the essay. The conventional way to finish an essay is to summarize all your facts, and this essay is no exception.